ALLIED INFOLINE offers services like voice transcription for all types of industries that require Transcription Services including medical and legal. HIPPA laws are adhered for all GDI of medical information.

Many times, time and cost does not permit organization to complete their Voice Transcription for these professionals. With the availability of excellent, experienced, skilled English speaking transcriptionists, outsourcing transcription services (be it voice transcription or Legal Transcription) to Allied Infoline with its Indian facilities is a judicious and wise choice, indeed!

Outsourcing Voice Transcription to India makes sense because of the strategic time difference of 12 hours between India and North America. This makes India as one of the leading offshore voice transcription choice.

The voice transcription department at Allied Infoline has an impressive track record for accuracy and speed of delivery.

For our voice transcription services, you can give us data in the following formats:

  • Dictating into a Hand-held recorder.
  • Upload your dictation files to our ftp server using your PC with headset.
  • If we can hear it, we can transcribe it!

How May We help You ?

The Voice transcription, India arm of Allied Infoline uses cutting edge technology for voice transcription services. We can output transcription in many formats (.DSS, .WAV, .MP3, .VOX, .AU etc), making your job easier.

Our transcriptionists are professional graduates. After we induct them, they undergo a thorough training as per AAMT guidelines. With years of experience of working with different international clients, Allied Infoline transcriptionists can offer the best results in the industry.

For our client’s satisfaction, we offer free pilot project that helps our client experience the benefits of working with Allied Infoline before going live. Want to know more about our offshore voice transcription services?

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your offshore ePub Conversion needs as we provide 24x7 customer support.