Kindle/Mobi Conversion

Kindle/Mobi Conversion

ALLIED INFOLINE offers an efficient, affordable and cost-effective Kindle/Mobi conversion work. In today’s world and with the development of new technology many publishers are changing from paper documents to e-books which are able to reach many readers as the internet can be accessed throughout the globe.

There is no limitation or boundaries regarding the input types and we take all formats to ePub, by utilizing our professionals comfortably.

  • PDF to Kindle/Mobi
  • Word to Kindle/Mobi
  • Indesign to Kindle/Mobi
  • Hard Copy to Kindle/Mobi
  • Scanned Image to Kindle/Mobi

Our service includes conversion of ebooks from the scanned image, pdf, and word into the amazon format (.azw) . We have already worked in the conversion of the Epub and Ipad. Our services give you quality and fully satisfaction towards the author and publisher. We also do the complicated books like (tables, figures and contents). Our services have vast experience in ebooks publishing for the past 10 years with the quality output.

The conversion process of Kindle Mobi format is also similar to other ebook format. The ease and/or difficulty in conversion process largely depend up on the file to be converted. With extensive usage of images, tables, layout formatting into the book that needs to be converted to Kindle/Mobi increases the conversion task quite difficult. At that point of time taking help of ebook conversion service provider is inevitable.

We highly recommend manual conversions over automated conversions, because manual conversion provides high quality and exact output whereas we cannot expect such a good quality from automated conversions. So we assure 100% quality by manual conversions rather than automation mostly. Our iPad conversion team who are expert in fully hand coding technique and compatible to all the digital device.

We understand deadlines and turnaround is often a prime criterion in outsourcing data services.

We are ready to carry out a no obligation sample work for ePub conversion services to earn your trust based on the quality of our work.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your offshore ePub Conversion needs as we provide 24x7 customer support.