Indexing Services

Indexing Services

ALLIED INFOLINE is an indexing service for back-of-the-book indexes for authors, publishers, book packagers and anyone involved in the writing and publishing of books.

That books you wrote six months back still need categorization of the content.

Indexing creates a guide to your document, whether it is a book, a journal or even an extensive database. Any document which follows a course and requires a sequential approach to read its content needs indexing.
A good index should not just have the words used in the document, but also cross references to those terms which a reader will look for. For example in a book about healthcare, the author may write about “heart diseases”. In that case, the index should contain words like “heart” and “diseases” in it, to make cross referencing possible.
AIPL will help you with the formatting and design of documents, books and journals. We can offer the complete package from writing, editing, indexing and finally presenting your book in a professionally designed layout. Our digital publishing services consists of coding the indexed words and phrases so that an automated index is generated for your book.

Let us know your target audience, the page size and format, the number of index entries do you require per page, whether you want a tabular or other illustrated index and your format for delivery of the pages that you want indexed.
Why professional indexer because you as the author will provide the subject matter, but the indexer can make the content appear objective to the reader.

They would also help your reader to look up the information in a document if the list of topics is provided.

We understand deadlines and turnaround is often a prime criterion in outsourcing data services.

We are ready to carry out a no obligation sample work for ePub conversion services to earn your trust based on the quality of our work.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your offshore ePub Conversion needs as we provide 24x7 customer support.