We at Allied Infoline have successfully completed a number of successful projects in EPublishing and development. Our team of experts and professionals are trained to efficiently develop eBooks handling content from publishers across various formats, Linguistics, and Gadgets. Our high-quality services have successfully managed to establish an integrated time to market from the publishers. Find effective and multipurpose content solutions from the leading publishers with Allied Infoline solutions, and broaden your consumer base.

eBook Creation & Conversion

Allied Infoline has 15 years of expertise to offer end-to-end eBook development and conversion assistance, integrated to increase the value of your business.. We also synchronize our content regeneration and delivery techniques to endorse current and future productivity.

Interactive & Enhanced eBooks

With extensive experience and expertise in digital publishing, Allied Infoline backs many renowned authors, publishers, libraries, archives, and educational institutions in building engaging digital eBooks that interact with readers and enrich their learning experience.

Fixed Layout eBooks

Fixed layout eBooks format is a general format for intensely illustrated eBooks. To accurately handle the design of the images, text and other objects on the pages, the Fixed Layout eBooks leverages the advantage of a pixel-specific page size, unlike the standard eBook format.

HTML5 & ePub3 eBooks

Allied Infoline has partnered with businesses, corporate training associations, publishers, authors, eLearning providers to provide integrated solutions for HTML and eBooks. We aim to give interactive ePub3 and HTML5 content for different gadgets, operating systems and web browsers.

Read Aloud / Audio Books

Allied Infoline can help you revolutionize your print titles into reading aloud digital products with read aloud fixed layout conversion services, concentrating on consumer interface, start and end times, media overlays construction, read aloud functions and so much more.

eBook Distribution

We provide global eBook distribution services. We get your eBooks in a number of renowned retail and libraries worldwide, making sure utmost adequacy and precision.


Allied Infoline has enriched experience, expert knowledge base and potential in designing, grids, layouts and composition, and typography supporting authors, publishers, and content marketers in creating a book that appears to read.

Web Accessible eBooks

Allied Infoline helps you create accessible titles for the differently-abled by using web-accessible ebooks and advanced technologies. Our team of professionals works intensely with the clients to develop interactive web accessible eBooks in compliance with industry standards.

DocBook XML Conversion

Allied Infoline specializes in developing and converting content into DocBook XML format and from DocBook XML to any other format, based on the specific requirements of the client. Our team of experts uses DocBook Stylesheets to convert DocBook into various formats like Text, HTML, PDF, RTF, etc.

DTBook Conversion

Whether your content is stored in a Word file, PDF, InDesign, printed book or digital format, we can accurately convert it into XML-based file. We offer a complete range of DTBook conversion services, developing interactive books for readers who are inclined to hear and navigate

PubMed Conversion

We have a dedicated team of PubMed XML conversion specialists, who efficiently convert medical journals and articles into PubMed-compliant XML format as per the Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) specification.

TEI XML Conversion

Allied Infoline helps publishers, scholars, libraries and museums offering a broad range of TEI XML conversion services, in producing and converting academic and research material into TEI XML format and from TEI XML to any other format, as per the client’s requirements.

Prism XML

We at Allied Infoline offer a comprehensive range of PRSM XML conversion services, creating and converting journals, online content & feeds, newsletters, marketing securities and brochures in PRISM XML format for preservation and multi-purpose content & metadata.

S1000D Conversion

Allied Infoline offers a gamut of S1000D XML conversion services to enable you to develop, manage and handle publishers. Our team helps in converting Word files into S1000D-conformant XML files, thus enabling entrepreneurs to simplify data exchange between suppliers and operators.

XBRL Conversion

We offer XBRL conversion services to corporate and financial institutions with years of experience we are adept at XBRL Data Conversion Services for filing with MCA, and filing at other regulatory authorities.