Founded in 2003 by Vineet Sharma, Allied Infoline is one of the leading IT-enabled solution companies, fully equipped with a dedicated team of expert transcription typists, translators, data entry operators, XML and HTML Programmer.

Allied Infoline began its operations in New Delhi and earned a reputation in providing holistic assistance to its clients in areas of total data management solutions.

In 2010, Allied Infoline expanded its portfolio as the leading e-commerce portals and backed organizations in e-Publishing and data services. Additionally, it commenced in-house web research to launch its Web research services in 2013. Offering customized solutions for Data and Web research, Allied Infoline is today one of the largest provider of data services in India and are among the best in the world.

We are committed to solving complex worldwide challenges through innovative solutions. Founded in the year 2003, Allied Infoline International Division for Medical Transcriptions focused on global consulting in the areas of USA and UK. We provide our clients with customized value services that improve and increase their efficiency, effectiveness, learning capacity, sustainability, and accountability.

We have persistently surpassed our client’s expectations by adding value to their business. With an enviable history of long-term relations working with global customers, we have gained a reputation for providing efficient and timely services that are competitively cost-effective.